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Dansk System Inventar are striving to make the decoration process of shops as easy, quick and cheap as possible. 

Our products, despite being cheap, are of very high quality and we are always ready to help you with any questions or inquiries you might have. 


The L-Upright is the product best suited for being placed up against a wall. The product comes in a wide array of configurations so that they will fit into your shop, big or small. Furthermore, the product is easy to assemble, its quite stable and last but not least it's also cheap. 

View our L-Uprights here.


The T-Upright is the product that is best suited for being placed on the middel of the floor of your shop. There's sure to be ebough space on these modules, as they have the option of having shelving on both sides of the module, so that you can utilize the floorspace optimally in your shop.  

View our T-Uprights here. 


The Wallstrip is the product that you can hang onto your wall. This flexible solution allows you to place things like pallets underneath the module in order to get the most out of you floorspace 

View our wallstrips here.

About our products

Our products are designed and produced to fit all your needs as well as possible. Your have the opportunity to build our products, as if with legos, so that they fit your store as well as possible. 

We have 3 uprights in our assortment of products. The L-upright, T-upright and the wallstrip are our bases, from which you can build your store to your exact liking. 

You also have the option to buy some accessories so the shelves can present your products in the best possible way.

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